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Online Updates

Effective January, 2011, SFUptown.Com is now a subdomain of CheckWithArthur.Com.

SFUptown will continue to provide search help and internet resource tips, but with a greater and more specific focus on seniors and senior "55-Plus" communities.

CheckWithArthur.Com is focused on computer technical assistance, also with a special emphasis on seniors.

Shopping, merchandising and commercial areas of SFUptown's content are largely idled at this time, to be replaced soon with updated content reflecting a new regime of online partnerships and affiliations.

Look for that process to be complete in October, 2012.

Public policy, news, commentary and professional subject matter is currently being handled through several external portals including social networking sites.

You will find bookmarks available through your personal entry page(s) on SFUptown.Com and CheckWithArthur.Com.

Oversight of both domains and ancillary venues continues under the purview of Arthur K. Burditt, based in Ocala, FL.

Family Caregiving Resources (34481)

Resource listings for seniors are being moved to a new section of their own. These will consist primarily of non-for-profit, charity and governmental organizations. Some but not all have eligibility requirements, including lower income specifications. Make sure to inquire about eligibility requirements, possible fees, and documentation needed when asking for assistance.

We may be adding selected resources available from for-profit companies and other private organizations too, many of which provide excellent services to seniors, in such areas as:
  • home care,
  • assisted living facilities,
  • nursing homes,
  • financial advisors, and
  • transport companies
This month, we'll be adding some handy care-giver resources, particularly tips for family caregivers assisting older or less able family members with everyday living and home care. These will respond to such concerns as:
  • Energy Conservation

  • Dressing

  • Hygiene

  • Bed Making

  • Kitchen Activities

  • Laundry & Clothing

  • Cleaning

  • Work Simplification

  • Home Modifications

  • Lighting

  • Helpful Home Items

  • Local Area Resources

  • Private Pay Services

  • Long Term Care Plans

  • Meal Services
See this page or contact Arthur by email for link info on these new information features.

Contact Arthur at (352) 875-7878 for information on private consultations or group seminars on these and other tips for elder care, and independent or assisted living needs.

Personal News & Notes

Life here in the 34481 is never humdrum! Each year living here at On Top of the World brings exciting new friendships, creative projects, learning opportunities, and channels for giving back to the community.

Computer Tech Help 34481 - This summer marks a successful first year of extending computer tech support on preferred terms to senior residents of our local senior neighborhoods. Personally I'm handling about 120 local households, and spillover work is now reaching more households via referrals to young tech talent in the nearby radius.

Public Policy Collaboration - New venues are growing together like an abstract jigsaw! This year I'd anticipate 5-6 portals with principals in place for discussion and content handling in fields of public affairs, governmental, international and economic matters. Among these, the Writers' Forum, Hammill Post and News Circle are growing with some synchronicity - in combination with utilization of social networking tools through web and mobile protocols.

Family - Mom's rebounded from a brief hospitalization early this year, thanks to much effort on her part working with physical and occupational therapists. We're relieve to see the home care period complete, though - sooo many appointments! I'll be somewhat limited in travel availability at least through the summer months, helping her at home with her exercise routines and other everyday tasks she needs help remastering. But we're feeling upbeat after all's said and done. Thanks for all the cards and well wishes.

Church and Community - Our own family life always has revolved largely around being part of a strong church family, and as part of Countryside Presbyterian here in Ocala that's more true than ever. Even when mobility issues have made perfect attendance hard, we find the means to worship, learn and grow in faith with our brothers and sisters in Christ. I'm hoping time will permit my getting back into the choir loft when rehearsals resume. Study demands may be loom ahead, as I ready myself to apply for admission to seminary study. This is a very exciting time for PC(USA), on which I'll elaborate by text or chat with you, my nearest and dearest "grey beard" friends.

Peers - Hopefully this year, I expect to resume helping our graduate school alumni program for interviewing Princeton applicants here in North Central Florida. Time permitting, I'll be checking in with our local "Algonquin Club" under Dr. Keith's steady guiding hand, and possibly even connecting back in with area MENSANs. Let's just see how much can be packed into my monthly calendar without getting unwieldy.